Top 5 Glucometers to Control Your Blood Glucose in India

If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes or if you are a sugar patient, you have to keep your sugar level on track on regular intervals. It is important for diabetic patients to keep their sugar levels under control to avoid complications related to Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Even if you take insulin shots, it is recommended to check your blood glucose level for 4 times a day and use best Glucometer for diabetic patients. This is why we have listed the top 5 glucometers to provide accurate results.


  1. AccuChek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

AccuChek is the top brand for offering glucometer device. This device can help you keep your blood sugar level on track and gives results within 2 seconds. It is the bestselling glucometer that comes with competitive price ranges. It comes with safety features and clever technology to give accurate results all the time. You can monitor average blood sugar level per week or month, double check test results, download results and also auto-code the results. It has 100 strips to self-check with it. It is easy to handle for painless blood sugar testing. It comes with large LCD screen.


  1. Morepan BG-03 Gluco One

It is another most popular glucose meter with great performance and low price tag. This small yet cool device comes with good features. To measure blood level, it needs just 0.5µL of blood. So, no more blood wastage or pain. You can get accurate results all the time. It also comes with beeper alert. It beeps when the checkup is completed. The CR2032 battery can last for several offers. This 45g of device is easy to handle and use.


  1. One Touch Verio Flex Blood Glucometer

It is another intelligent glucometer which uses advanced technology to keep your blood glucose level on track. It comes with simple design and color-sure technology to show sugar level within seconds. It indicates digits along with range of blood sugar level. It is very slim and compact in design. It is powered by OneTouch Delica Lancing system. It takes just 0.4μL of blood. It can store the results of over 500 tests and takes just 5 seconds to display results.


  1. Johnson & Johnson One Touch Ultra Easy Glucose Meter

It comes with easy navigation that needs one time coding. It can store 500 tests and give results according to coding. It has high/low sugar level alarm and lancing device.


  1. Johnson & Johnson One Touch Select Simple Glucose Meter

It comes with Simple Select test strips. It is very easy to use as it doesn’t need coding and setup. It has 50 strips box with 20 free strips.