Online Plagiarism Prevention

Online Plagiarism Prevention

Plagiarism is considered as a serious offense both in the academic field and on the online world. Students who are caught plagiarizing or copying contents as well as bloggers who copy contents from other websites receive their respective punishments. As either a student or a writer, you do not want to commit such an act. Luckily, there are several tips that you can follow in order for you to avoid committing plagiarism, especially if you are a student or blogger in particular. Continue reading below to know the ways how you can prevent online plagiarism. This includes the use of the online plagiarism check.Online Plagiarism Prevention

Do a Manual Check Online

One way to check if a written piece has been plagiarized on the web is to search the internet for the paper.  This is doing a manual check online. Use the title or other main keywords on search engines. You should then browse the web to see if exactly similar contents appear. If they do appear, then the written piece may have been plagiarized.

Do a Manual Inspection of the Paper

You can also prevent online plagiarism by doing a manual inspection of a paper. A credible written piece can easily be seen by just reading it. A written piece is not plagiarized if its font style is the same all throughout the paper from beginning to end. It is also not plagiarized if the style of narration is consistent and if citations and references appear within the paper. In addition, make sure that the in text citations match those references included in the bibliography or literature cited to know that the written piece was not plagiarized.

Seek the Help of Professionals or Authorities

If you think that it will be hard for you to check a paper if it has been plagiarized due to some reasons like having not enough time or being tires, then you can ask for the assistance of professionals or the authorities to check a written piece if it has been plagiarized. These professionals will not only check the paper themselves but also look for similar contents on the web.

Conduct an Online Plagiarism Check

An easy way to check a written piece for plagiarism is to use an online tool to conduct an online plagiarism check that checks for plagiarism online. The tool will automatically check the web for exactly similar contents and report to you the results if the paper contains plagiarized contents. This kind of tool is usually just very easy to use. You only need to copy the content that you want to inspect and paste it on the window of the tool allotted for checking. The tool also gives you the percent originality of your work.