Importance of Ghar-e-Hira

There are many sacred places in Saudia Arabia for Muslims that they visit each year on to perform Hajj or anytime in the year to perform Umrah. Some of the holy sites are a part of these Rituals and also recommended to visit while a person is on a journey to Hajj and Umrah. But many other Holy places have their importance in the history of Islam.

The reason for visiting these places is because of their fantastic Islamic History, and Muslims feel honored to attend them. Here we are disusing the importance of Ghar-e-Hira.

The Ghar-e-Hira is a cave located on Jabal-e-Noor (Mount Al-Noor), about three kilometers away from the north-east of Makkah, on the way to Myna. It is a little cave, about twelve feet in length and nearly five feet wide and one can easily see it from the way.

Ghar-e-Hira is the first place where our Prophet (PBUH) was get excited and also honored with prophethood and got his first divine revelation of Quran throughout the month of Ramadan to serve and benefit the humanity that had gone full.

This cave is the actual reason that it holds extreme value and a true importance in the history of Islam. Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) used to choose accommodation to this place. He spent all the day and night in this cave while thinking the natural phenomena such as the creation of the humankind, several creations around him and their purposes.

The reason behind going and spending many days in this cave was the utter blind darkness that had occupied Makkah entirely. There were no signs of humanity among the people, and our Prophet (PBUH) became incredibly sad by the negative thinking and idolatry of the people living there. So, he found peace in the loneliness and observation.

When Holy Prophet (PBUH) became forty years old and had been meditating for three years, a first revelation brought to him by the angel Jibrael (AS) is as follows:

“Recite in the name of your Lord Who created. He created the human being from a clot. Recite, and your Lord is most honorable, Who taught (to write) with a pen, taught the human being what he knew not.”

Al-Quran (Surah Alaq, 96: 1-5)

The Prophet (PBUH) was very scared and impressed after the first revelation. He was shivering with excitement and fear, both at the same time. He hurried and went back to his loyal and intelligent wife Hazrat Khadija and told her about what happened there in the cave. His beloved wife inspired Him by saying that He has always kept sensible relations with His kith and kin, always helped the poor and the destitute served His guests generously and assisted the meriting calamity-afflicted ones. Therefore,  He should not get frightened of anyone as He always did the best. This phenomenon inspired the Holy Prophet and gave a great spirit to Him and created Him ready for the future situations.

Every year, when they Muslims come for Hajj or Umrah, they also visit the ‘Cave of Hira.’ Note that there’s no religious obligation behind visiting Ghar-e-Hira, nor is there any obligatory act of worship in it. Muslims visit it because it is a sacred place and the place where the first revelation was made. People also visit this site because of its historical importance and out of curiosity. They feel the personal pleasure and spirituality.

On the occasion of Hajj and Umrah, many Muslims gather at the same place and perform several rites there to seek the blessings and please Allah. On this occasion, people visit the several holy places in Makkah and Madina as well. Especially those Muslims who travel from far off countries, for example, the Muslims an Umrah trip from USA, mostly wish to visit as many holy places as they can. The reason is their personal attachment to the Islamic holy places. They seek pleasure in visiting these places. However, the complete trip is organized and managed by the tour operators. The tour operators often provide the transportation to visit the different holy places as a part of their Umrah USA package, or whatever they name their package.