Common Mistakes That Lead to Chronic Ailments

Have you checked to really confirm if any of the above can actually lead to some ailments? Well here are things you need to know.

  1. Sitting for too long

The fact that you are over-weighted can aggravate your state. In case you work in an office where you have to sit at a desk and you spend your leisure watching TV, you may find out that you do yourself no good. This is because this will result in chronic constipation which can make it straining when you try to use the toilet. If you are physically indolent, you can indirectly put a lot of gravity on the veins around your anal region. In order to avoid this complication, you must as well shun sitting for too long at one place. Always try to make an effort to walk more so that you will have a healthy life and your well-being can be guaranteed. Even when you ought not to, try to go for a walk or a jog for at least 30 minutes daily so as to get some relief, this alone helps the fight against diabetes.

  1. Carry heavy objects every day

You can work yourself out at the gym every day, usually morning. This is obviously a good step to ensuring a healthy living. You must, however, know that you must not be carried away by this and you overdo your weight lifting or you totally avoid it. The best way to go about your daily activities is by lifting moderately heavy weights or engaging in a daily exercise.

  1. Snubbing signs of constipation

People who suffer from constipation usually end up transpiring constipation into the formation of more skin tags. Diarrhea can worsen your piles and exacerbate the symptoms. In order to be free from loose motions of the bowel, you need to make a food diary. After making this plan, you need to evaluate your diet prudently. From this plan, you can get more food that will make up your healthy diet.

  1. Maintaining poor hygiene

Studies have shown that heat and high humidity levels are a piles patient’s worst foe. You must take a shower every day or keep your anal region clean. Whenever you take a shower, try hard to keep the anal region clean. Whenever you want to wash your genital area, do so with warm water and dry the area gently. As a lady, during your menstrual period, shift to sanitary napkins which are made for sensitive skin in order to avoid any possible rashes.

  1. Stress and anxiety

If your job needs your attention always and this is making you to go through tough times, you would obviously be stressed out. Since this cannot be avoided, you need to create time for resting for yourself. Living every day of your life with stress will result in anxiety which is not palatable for your health. In order to be free from stress and anxiety, you need to find an activity which can calm you down. In fact, if the need arise, you can take two or three days work-free until the time your stress level goes down.

  1. Using your phones or gadget while sitting using the toilet

Researchers have claimed that you should not spend more than 10-15 minutes maximum in and on the toilet. According to studies, sitting for long on the pot of the toilet can lead to several anal skin tags and sometimes bleeding. Using the phone in the toilet is not because the phone may produce any destructive element but because when you use your phone especially while surfing through several social media, you are prone to lose track of time. As a result of this, you may end up putting a lot of pressure on your blood vessels. As long as we may still want to keep these things intact, you can set an alarm to alert you when you have spent up to 10 or 15 minutes on your phone. Setting the alarm is not enough but you must also adhere to it even when you seem uncomfortable with the little you were able to do.

  1. The use of scented face wipes

A lot of people are now aware and use the wet wipes. You must know at this point that you need to be very careful while buying these wet wipes. If it is possible, avoid these wipes. This is because most of these wet wipes are scented and thereby contain irritants like alcohol. These irritants can cause unbearable pain on the areas that may be wounded before wipes or a little skin peel.

  1. Scratching anal itching

Having an anal itch is a common situation for those suffering from piles. You must avoid scratching your anal area when it itches. This is because it will only lead to more pain in the area. In order to avoid this, seek your doctor’s prescription like topical ointments or gels.

  1. Taking too much caffeine

Drinking coffee and drinks like coke or Pepsi must not be too often. Just like alcohol, coffee and coke can cause dehydration. Studies have shown that caffeine is one of the leading causes of constipation. Thus, drastically reduce your caffeine in-take.

  1. Sitting on hard surfaces for a long time

Most of the time, we sit on hard or rough surfaces. Some even sit for more than they ought to. You need to avert putting much pressure on your anal region. You need to avoid sitting for too long on the floor and when you want to use chairs, use sofas or any other one that is comfortable. If your chair isn’t comfortable enough, you can place a pillow on your chair before using it.

  1. Not going to bed on time

Sleeping is a natural phenomenon. When your body needs sleep, it is better you evacuate whatever it is you are doing and go to bed. You can schedule yourself to give enough time to your sleep.