3 Tips to Help Your Wife at Home

Here are 3 tips on how you can help your wife in the normal household chores, etc. and give her a break. She will be extremely happy and thankful you did, and will definitely help you achieve a Happy Muslim Family and marriage:

1. Time Blocks

Each part of my daily program is sliced and allocated to certain types of my life, so actions associated with that time block occur there and there only. In the day after isha (possibly after maghrib as days become longer), I finally have a block of time allocated to spend with my children. I have also told my wife to take this time off to do her own thing, whether that is being lonely or hanging out with us.

From what she has told me and the feedback she’s received from different sisters, a lot of them are starved for personal time away from the youngsters. My suggestion for brothers would be to work out a scheduled time for this to occur with their wives, as opposed to waiting for them to collapse.

2. Diaper Changing and Other Chores

I have a confession. I hate changing diapers, but I could handle this, and the majority of other chores. As I mentioned previously, I used to leave all of the cleaning for my wife (although I was one of the rare men raised by his mother to know how to wash the whole home) in addition to the diaper changing, but I have since changed my ways. I help out with everything as time permits, for example, diaper changing.

I know, I know, I am outing lots of us saying this, but do we take one portion of the faith and leave another? Or more correctly, do we highlight on some of the ways from the Sunnah and leave others? I definitely was. The Prophet was at the service of his loved ones, and not one of us can claim we had been more occupied than him.

happy muslim marriage3. Family Outings

Another area I managed to enhance was family outings. I formerly left it to my wife to feed the children and could only get involved very rarely. Same thing with Islamic family events in the masjid or courses with sex segregation – depart ’em to mother. In the public gatherings like these, Muslim women have to cover themselves with hijab and when they also need to take care of the kids, then that’s very tiring.

Nowadays, I look for opportunities to help out. If the children are clinging too much to my wife, I will make the attempt to lure or convince them away from her so they will stay with me. When my son is eating, I will feed him and let my wife to eat first.

About the only time I’ll leave the children with my wife is if I am at a masjid where the existence of kids elicits drama queen-like responses from the community. In masjids where children aren’t only tolerated, but welcomed (even if they walk around during salah), I am delighted to take my children.

Final Words

That is the direction I’m going in my own journey of fatherhood/ husbandhood. It’s not a simple topic, but I believed I’d discuss some strategies I have used successfully to ease the daily stresses My spouse faces with the kids. I am under the impression that this is an issue for Many married sisters, so I hope this report helps many families attain happiness in their married life.